Call for Papers

Original research papers based on “Achieving Sustainable Strategic Advantage” are encouraged in the following thrust areas but not limited to them. Researchers are encouraged to contribute new ideas that can lead to value creation in organizations. The areas mentioned below are indicative:

Track Sub Topics
Strategic Marketing Dynamic Capabilities for Competitive Advantage
Digital Marketing and Value Creation
Value Creation through Value Chain Management
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Advertising, Promotion & Marketing Communication
Innovation & New Product Development
International and Cross-Cultural Marketing
Social Responsibility, Ethics and Consumer Protection
Modeling and forecasting
Supply Chain Management
Branding a New Product
Consumer Buying Behavior
Hospitality and Tourism
Pricing of Products
Sales Force Management
Social Media Marketing
Internet Marketing and Advertising
Sales and Distribution Effectiveness
Green Marketing
Service Marketing
Service Blueprint
Digital Marketing
Customer Satisfaction and Retention
Customer Acquisition
Identifying and promoting the next financial leaders – nurture, cultivate and promote
Bank consolidation, stability and regulation 
Finance as a Business strategy and operational plans
A centralized vs decentralized approach of financial management
Managing finance systems, data and integrated enterprise solutions
Examining pricing decisions and the effect of solutions
Capital and project planning, implementation and management
Recognizing the relationship between finance and risk management: Increasing requirements
Impact of Centralization and Consolidation in Banking & Capital Market.
Effects of Demonetization on the Financial Sector of India.
Core Banking & Future Trends in the online payment.
The Effects & Impact of BREXIT on the banks & financial Institutions.
Auditing in the new reality- Assurance, Prospects & Added Value.
The Relationship between IFRS, Earning Losses Threshold & Earnings Management.
Financial Challenges & Opportunities for an Organization
Financial Management Practices of Commercial Banks – After NPA crisis.
Investment Decisions under uncertainty- Indian Companies
Beyond Stress Testing: Modeling Liquidity & Interest Rate Risks.
Human Resource
Revolutionising Talent Management
HR Analytics: Prism of Possibilities
Diverse Skilling and Reskilling HR
Leadership Excellence: Creating High Performance Teams
Role Transitioning: HR Wearing the CEO's Cap
Transforming HR in the Digital Era
Building Competencies: HR a Force Multiplier
Attracting and Retaining Millenials
Creating Agile Organizational Culture
Building Learning Organizations: HR Challenges
Behavioral Dynamics and HR
Organizational Change and Sustainability
HR Innovations: Crafting Organizational Excellence
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: HR as a Catalyst
Innovative Strategies for Employee Engagement
Information Technology
Information Technology Management
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Information economics and Management
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Communications and Networking
Computational Science and Technology
Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery
Energy System and Engineering
Grid-computing, Supercomputing and Cloud-computing
Hardware and Software Co-design
Health and Medical Science and Technology
Human-Computer Interaction
Image and Signal Processing
Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents
Modeling and Simulation
Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieve
Decision Analysis and Methods
Implication of E-learning for Cross-culture diversity
E-Business and E-Commerce
The Application of Information Technology
Internet Technology
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data Analytics
Business Strategy and Information Technology
Information Systems Planning and Management
Computer Simulation in Business Solution
Ecommerce and E-Government
Operation Management
Methods in logistics/SCM research
Logistics/SCM globalization issues
Supply chain organization and design
Operations management and production logistics
Purchasing and supply management
Transport and distribution
Logistics services and third/fourth party logistics
Packaging logistics
Warehousing & materials management
Out/Insourcing, Off/Nearshoring
Supply chain risk management
Sustainable supply chain management
Reversed logistics/closed-loop logistics
Trade and transport facilitation issues
Logistics/SCM performance measurement
Logistics/SC modelling and simulation
Logistics/SC change management
Logistics in construction industry
Logistics/SC innovation
Service & healthcare logistics
Retail & e-tail logistics
Humanitarian logistics
Defence logistics
City logistics
Grand SC Challenges