MDP Calendar

S.No MDP Topic MDP Convenors Date Day
1. Talent Management- A Heart of Transcendence in Knowledge Economy Dr Kirti Dutta
Ms. Bhuveneshwari
Ms. Prachi Agarwal
October 15, 2016 Saturday
2. Corporate Expectations from Imminent Managers: Bridging the Gap Between Theoretical and Factual Aspects (Workshop Mode) Mr. Vishal Kamra
Mr. Sachin Vikal
November 8, 2016 Tuesday
3. Data Visualization and Big Data Dr. Hemlata Bhat
Dr Vinod Sharma
Decemebr 7, 2016 Wednesday
4. Transformational Leadership: A Foundation for Effective Leadership Ms Soni Sharma
Mr. Sachin Vikal
March 4, 2017 Saturday


  1. All the MDPs will be of one day duration
  2. The timings for all the MDPs are 9.30 am- 5.00 pm
  3. All the MDPs will be held at GLBIMR, Greater Noida Campus