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Optimization- A Journal of Research in Management

GLBIMR publishes a bi-annual Journal in the name of ‘OPTIMIZATION’ in which articles from eminent academia and corporate people are being invited for contribution in area of management, business, ecommerce, IT etc. Since the year of its inception, four issues of this journal have been published.

Call for Papers

Optimization is a refereed journal at par with the best international journals on the subject. The journal seeks manuscripts that recognize, analyze, extend, combine, test or apply scientific and multidisciplinary knowledge pertaining to the management field.

Editorial Policy

The objective of 'Optimization' is to publish original, high quality theoretical and empirical research papers and articles of relevance to both academicians and practitioners.

The journal invites 'Research Papers' and 'Cases' from all functional areas of management including international business, information technology, retail management banking, insurance risk management, globalization and related areas. Articles reflecting diversity cross functional nature of management and emerging concerns are also considered for publication.

Guidelines for Authors

The manuscript should approximately be of 15 typed pages including figures and tables, typed in doublespace and printed in 'New Times Roman Font' of 12point font with 1.5 inch margin on all four sides of the paper. Two copies of the manuscript should be submitted along with soft copy. The cover page should contain title of the paper, author's name, designation, official address, contact address, phone/fax numbers and email address. Also, a non-mathematical abstract of about 150 words should be submitted along with the manuscript. The manuscript should not contain footnotes. References should be placed at the end of the manuscript. Reference should be written in the following format.

Authors (year); Article, Journal Vol., No., pp.

Authors (year); Book, Publisher, city, Country Authors should certify on the cover page of the manuscript that the material is not published, copyrighted, accepted or under review elsewhere. Authors using questionnaires should include a copy of the questionnaire along with the manuscript.

The manuscript should be prepared in the following order: Title, Authors, Affiliation(s), Abstract, Keywords, Maintext, Acknowledgement, References and Appendix (if any).

All the papers will be referred by at least two experts. Authors can also send names up to five potential referees on a separate sheet. Please mention their area of expertise, designation and full mailing address. The suggested referees should not have been students or teachers of the author at any time. They should also not be co-authors on any work and should not be working in the same institution.

Copyright of all material published in 'Optimization' is held by GL. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Greater Noida. Permission to make digital! hard copy of published work is not permitted without fee for personal or classroom use.

The manuscripts should be sent to:


GL. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research Plot No.2, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida, G.B. Nagar, (U.P) - 201306 India.

E-Mail: All queries regarding papers and the journal may also be directed to the Editor-in-Chief


GLBIMR publishes its quarterly Newsletter in the name of ‘PRAYAAS’ which reflects the efforts made by the institute and its students towards academic excellence throughout the year.