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GLBIMR Launches....Sustainability Cell on OCTOBER 1, 2022

ESG, Sustainability. Business and Human Rights are one of the most important issues these days. Companies, either due to an explicit mandate from investors or due to demand from customers, are forced to follow the sustainable and responsible conduct at each step of business activity. Imbibing responsible behaviour in the core business philosophy as well as planning has become an unwritten mandate for companies. There are different International and National level instruments/indexes/ standards/ ratings/ guidelines in the sphere of Sustainability/ ESG, and on the other hand there is plethora of Indian Laws to be followed by the companies operating in India in environment, labour, social, human rights, health, and safety, etc. aspects.

As the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate action movement is gaining momentum, the sustainability framework is changing rapidly around the globe. This physical change can cause much economic damage even to the most developed economies. The adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, has become way more relevant for all the stakeholders as well. In India also, ESG issues have become widespread and various initiatives are being taken at different levels.

Objectives: To create a stimulation on ESG amongst the management fraternity, give the platform to raise questions, evoke thoughts and to understand the new models of sustainability through ESG practices and to prepare students for future to introduce required ESG practices in business environment

Sustainability Cell Announces-ESG Conclave

Our Team

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Shuchita Singh
Assoc. Prof. - Finance

Dr. Piali Haldar
Assoc. Prof.- Marketing

Dr. Nidhi Srivastava
Professor - Finance

Dr. Sunita Chowdhury
Assoc. Prof. - Marketing

Student Coordinators

Shivam Prakash

Nishi Tripathi

Tanisha Agarwal

Sneha Singh

Shashwat Singh

Prateeksha Mishra

Aman Jain

Priyansh Mishra

Anubha Srivastava

Shivani Jaiswal

Sejal Agarwal

Nancy Mehta

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