Keeping our 19 years of glorious academic excellence, we feel proud to share that the prime objective of GLBIMR, Greater Noida is to develop bright aspiring enthusiastic students into management leaders. In a recent interview with Jagarn Josh Plus our Director General, Dr. Urvashi Makkar shared that our key objective is to provide Holistic Development to our PGDM students and offer them the best opportunities. GLBIMR, Greater Noida always focuses on multi pronged approach for success in management education, to assure that we have strong association with professional bodies like CII, PGD Chamber, NMA, GMA and many more.
She also shared that we should believe in our dreams and work hard to accomplish those dreams. Each individual should work on three strategic Ps in life to achieve success “Pride on your Capabilities”, “Power of Dream” and “Persistence”.
This full enlightening interview of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR, is available in the April 2016 edition of Jagarn Josh Plus.