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21 Feb, 2019

GLBIMR students participated in an Awareness Programme on Sexual Harassment at Workplace : Issues, Implications and Solutions organized by Delhi Management Association (DMA)

Under the initiative of Corporate Interface Series (CIS) of GLBIMR, 3 students of PGDM batch 2018-2020 participated in an awareness programme on Sexual Harassment at Workplace : Issues, Implications and Solutions by Delhi Management Association (DMA) on February 14, 2019 under the guidance of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR.

The International Seminar was divided into three sessions.

Session 1: Conceptual explanation of terms and definitions of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
Session 2: Legal Aspects of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
Session 3: Procedural Mode through Case Study and discussions

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri Chairperson and Managing Director Third Millennium Business Resource Association started the Session 1 with his opinion and explanation of rational aspects of the topic.

Mr. Sumit, highlighted the difference between Harassment and Sexual Harassment. He also discussed on 7 issues at workplace

  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Purpose of the workplace
  • Awareness of individual and organisation
  • Reporting of Happening
  • Facts brought on record
  • Evidence Brought on record
  • Law and its interpretation.

Ms. Leena Sharma practicing advocate partner - Zaveri and Asscoiates discussed the legal aspect of this topic and touched the areas by discussing on understanding different forms of Sexual Harassment as per law.

This conference was an excellent platform to listen experts to understand the different dimensions of Sexual Harrassment at workplace that one should know and its practicality. The speakers elaborated on issues and challenges coming in way of creating of healthy workplace.

The event was enriching experience for the students and for the faculty members.