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30 Aug, 2016

Expert Talk Series on Reality Check by Ms. Vatsala Agarwal @ GLBIMR

GLBIMR, under the edifying leadership of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR, organized an Expert Talk series on “Realty Check” for PGDM student by Ms Vatsala Agarwal on August 29, 2016

Dr Urvashi Makkar welcomed Ms.Vatsala Agarwal, Director Erudion Education Private Limited, Gurgaon and addressed the students with her charismatic & motivational words.
Ms Vatsala Agarwal is a former engineer, an HR consultant and a counselor by academic and profession. Ms. Agarwal started the session with the importance of self realization and enlightenment. She focused on the identification of conditioned beliefs, opinions, fears, desires and habits. She stressed on having a Reality check of oneself by realizing the difference between Endarkement and Enlightenment. She also stated that instead of working on each and every leaf of an infected tree, the focus should be to remove the infection from the root. This was the basic essence of the session “Reality Check”, which primarily brought forward the broader perspective to look at while aiming for an overall better quality of life be it personal, professional or social.

The session undoubtedly acted as eye opener for the students of PGDM batch. They gained the real insight on self belief and realized the art of doing a Reality Check for them.