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20 May, 2020

Webinar on the topic “COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Higher Education

Faculty of GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research, Greater Noida attended an online webinar on the topic “COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Higher Education: What University Leaders Should Be Thinking About Now” which was organized by Harvard Business Publishing on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 under the visionary guidance of Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director, GLBIMR.

The speaker of the session was Mr. Vijay Govindarajan, Professor, Tuck School of Business & Ms. Amy Bernstein, Harvard Business Review Editor was the moderator of the session.

During the session, Mr. Vijay Govindarajan discussed that COVID-19 has put us on the path of online learning due to which platforms like Zoom and Coursera are thriving. He stated that this pandemic taught us how we can mobilize technology to improve our education system even after shutdowns are lifted. He analyzed how life might look like in post Covid higher education system across the globe. He called for a shorter calendar and added that “Preparing for Future” rather than “Planning for Future” should be the mantra for academic leaders. He also proposed a model for Higher Education System i.e. Augmented Immersive Residential Program, Hybrid Model of Blended Learning and 100% Online Courses. He suggested that students and faculty will need to adjust to a more virtual future. Professors will need training on how to best mobilize online tools to share data via online platforms. He further stated that keeping large lectures online could pave the way for more efficient face to face learning time & in-person meeting time should be reserved for critical discussion and fieldwork. He also emphasized that through Artificial Learning, professors can assess whether students are engaged and absorbing the material like face to face class room. Before concluding, he said that COVID-19 has called attention towards the digital divide that exists between high and low-income students, so colleges would also have to address this disparity.

Overall, it was a highly informative and insightful session.