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19 Oct, 2016

Vice Chairman and Director General, GLBIMR @ Higher Education Leadership Program- Harvard University

Outstanding business leaders are strategic decision makers for whom learning is an ongoing process. They have the self-discipline to manage themselves, the self-confidence to motivate teams, and the self-awareness to realize their true leadership potential. We feel proud to share that Mr. Panakj Agarwal, Vice Chairman, GL Bajaj Group of Institutions and Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR participated in prestigious Higher Education Leadership Program at Harvard University, Harvard Graduation School of Education, Boston, USA . The program witnessed the participation of various, Vice Chancellors, Chairmen, Directors from leading Universities and Institutes from India.

In today's education system, the need to establish a culture of collaboration and accountability is greater than ever. This leadership development program was established to help leaders attain improved performance by applying proven management concepts to the unique challenges of their universities and institutes that can help in leading organizational change, foster a culture of creative thinking, and contribute to the Institute’s success.

This leadership program gave insights about Transformational Learning v/s Informational Learning, Institutional Advancement, Leadership Transitions, Fundraising & Friendraising. During Higher Education Leadership Program, all delegates were compelled to invigorate about- breaking the mental moulds, learning to unlearn, understanding the underlying challenges and issues in Indian higher education system in broader perspective vis-a-vis US system leading to opening of many windows in strategic thinking. It also helped in understanding the power of re-framing, frame breaking and multi-frame thinking to identify the 'Black Swan' situations in organisations which is the need of the hour today to master the art of choice and power. The Leadership Program helped the participants in formulating a holistic approach to identify problems, formulate solutions & adapt to change, build strategic skills for effective decision-making, strategy development, and implementation.

This was an extremely wonderful learning experience being in Harvard Campus for all the participants and programs like this will certainly help in improving the management education system of India.