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04 Dec, 2017

Participative Learning Program(PLP) organised@GLBIMR

Participative Learning Program(PLP) organised@GLBIMR

With the vision to create knowledge sharing platform and peer learning among faculty and staff members, GLBIMR organised "Participative Learning Program(PLP)" under the visionary guidance of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR at its Greater Noida campus.In this knowledge sharing series, the first PLP session was conducted by Dr. Anand Rai on the "Personal Financial Planning and Power of Compounding" on October 11, 2017. The second PLP session was conducted by Dr. Prachi Agarwal on the "Artificial Intelligence- A game changer in the hiring process" on November 6, 2017.The third PLP session was conducted by Dr. Ajay Patel on the "Portfolio Construction" on November 9, 2017.The fourth PLP session was conducted by Dr.Harsh Pratap on the "Meta Analysis- A quantitative literature review" on November 16, 2017.The fifth PLP session was conducted by Ms. Daitri Chaterjee on the "Data Science and its application in academics" on November 27, 2017.The sixth PLP session was conducted by Ms. Silky Sharma on the "Book Review: Grit written by Ms. Angela Duckworth" on November 29, 2017.

These sessions involved quality discussion and enhanced the knowledge of all team members in diverse areas of management and research.More such interactive and collaborative sessions will be continued to achieve deeper learning with wider prospective.