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25 Feb, 2018

Nouvelle: Bi- Annual Magazine of GLBIMR

Nouvelle: Bi- Annual Magazine of GLBIMR

We feel elated to present the latest edition of Nouvelle: Bi-Annual Magazine of GLBIMR, which is effervescent convoy of all the activities conducted at GLBIMR during the second half of 2017, in an innovative and graceful way. The essential purpose of Nouvelle is to inform, engage, inspire and entertain diverse readership-including alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and other circle of GLBIMR by presenting an intimate, timely and honest portrait of the Institute and its mission.

This edition of Nouvelle showcased the snapshots of all the events and buzz like the Induction Program, HR Conclave, 2nd International Conference, Global Talk Series, Expert Talk Series, Workshops, Certifications and celebrations like Foundation Day, Teacher’s Day etc along with various awards and accolades received by GLBIMR.

The online version of Nouvelle: Bi- Annual Magazine can be accessed by this link