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20 Mar, 2018

Health Club @GLBIMR organized ‘Let’s De-Stress with Yoga’

Health Club @GLBIMR organized ‘Let’s De-Stress with Yoga’ on January 19, 2018

Health Club of GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research organized ‘Let’s De-Stress with Yoga’ on January 19, 2018, under the visionary guidance of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR. The objective of this event was to encourage the students to sharpen their skills through further training, dedication and devotion to the sport, and inspire a new enthusiasm to take up the practice of Yoga. With this event, GLBIMR-ians aimed at striving towards mastery of physical strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, breath, and concentration.

The entire GLBIMR fraternity along with faculty and staff members attended the Health Club activity enthusiastically. There was a session of Yoga- Pranayam by Dr. Chandan Medatwal with asanas of Bhastrika, Kapal Bharati, Bahya Pranayam, Anulom Vilon, Ujjayi, Bhramari, Pranav and Udgeet.

The event was a huge success with overwhelming positivity and energy across the campus!