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27 Apr, 2022

Students participated in AAJ TAK Show Debate

With an objective to enhance the exposure of GLBIMR students at various platforms, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute Greater Noida students participated in "AAJ TAK" debate on April 27, 2022 on  "Increasing price of fuel prices". This  debate witnessed several known political parties and eminent personalities including Advocate Gaurav Bhatia (Spokesperson of BJP), Gurdeep Singh Sappal (Political Party of Congress).
The anchor Ms. Anjana Om Kashyap focused on the sensational issues such as increase in fuel prices in the present scenario, and questioned when the VAT taxes are going to decrease. 

The event was a great learning platform for the students and provided them with an understanding of the current burning political issues, and the different viewpoints of each political leader. The students also got the opportunity to raise questions to experts. It was a highly engaging experience under the CIS Platform.