MBA Activities

International Symposium - "The Power of Self Belief"

MBA Department organised an International symposium on "The Power of Self Belief" on 20th August 2019. Mr. Isaiah Anthony was our eminent guest and Key note speaker for the day. He is the FOUNDER OF SUCCESSPRENEUR, an organization specializing in Coaching, teaching, training, improving and development of individuals, groups and organizations by mostly Spiritual concept, psychological and motivational principles. He is also the Founder FINANCIAL FREEDOM FLOW, BREAKFAST FOR CHAMPIONS and the CEO of SOSURE TECHNOLOGIES.
His main assignment lies in Building Leaders, Raising Champions and Manifesting dreams. While his core value to humanity is Discovering, developing, improving, and living effectively, satisfactorily in any area of life.
He informed students that Self-belief is that positive feeling you have inside that you are capable of anything. You feel empowered, confident and fueled with virility in the face of challenges and problems. Self Belief encourages a person to have opportunity to commit errors, see opportunities, finds creative solutions, stimulates action and persistence & makes others more responsive. Students felt extremely vivacious after the symposium and discovered that The perfect formula for building self-belief is the combination of developing yourself, challenging yourself, and thinking about yourself in more constructive ways that represent who you are.

International Symposium - "Japanese Management Strategies & Practices: Insights for Indian Managers”

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.”...Warren Bennis MBA Department organized an international symposium on “Japanese Management Strategies & Practices: Insights for Indian Managers.” on 06th August 2018. This event was graced by the very esteemed and dynamic Dr. (Prof) Justin Paul.
He is a professor of marketing and international business with Rollins college-Florida, USA and the youngest full professor with the Graduate school of Business University of Puerto Rico, USA. Also, he has been associated with many premier institutions like University of Washington, Nagoya University of commerce and business-Japan and Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Dr. Paul works as the senior/associate editor with the SSCI journals like International Business Review, European J of International management and other prominent publications. He himself has published over 50 research papers and bestselling case studies with Ivey & Harvard.
In his session Dr. Paul quoted practical examples from his work tenure in Japan and as to why our upcoming managers should adopt the Japanese management culture for both professional and effective and efficient growth. He explained about famous techniques like 5s methodology, Just-in-time, Kaizen and also the business culture and etiquettes of Japan. Some crucial insights as to why Japan even after being destroyed after World War 2 rose to be a leading economy was discussed.

International Symposium - “Building Managerial Mindset & Skill Set For Corporate Expectations”

MBA Department conducted a Symposium on “BUILDING MANAGERIAL MINDSET & SKILL SET FOR CORPORATE EXPECTATIONS” on the 14th of August 2018. The esteemed guest for this symposium was Mr. D.K. Bakshi. Mr. Bakshi is the Chief Mentor & CEO at Global Talent Company Limited, Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand. He is a HR professional who has worked with 9 cultures around the world. He also, conducts many public programs in Asia pacific including a well established public program called “road map to success" through All India Management Association in India as well as through Global Talent Company Limited.

International Symposium - "Fear LESS & LIVE more"

MBA Department organised an international symposium on "Fear LESS & LIVE more" on 15th April 2019. Eminent guest for the symposium was Ms. Sur Curr- a Multi-Award-Winning International Speaker & Empowerment Coach based in the United Kingdom who prides herself on being able to inspire others.
Through her bespoke range of coaching and training solutions she enables them to reprogram the way they see themselves and their situation be that business, personal or a combination of the two. Within a 15-year background in the fields of education and social health care Ms.Sue gained extensive experience in how best to improve the ‘mental well being’ of others.
After the session students of MBA Department felt extremely motivated to live a life free from worries. She informed students that If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.