About MDP

Over the last two decades, the major companies around the world have been working towards informed decision making. With the advancements in technology, it has become possible to capture almost all types of data generated within the organization boundary or on the internet. This large amount of data, referred as Big Data is being analyzed with the help of several tools to find the hidden trends and patterns which may not be possible with the simple statistical formulas or graphs. The businesses are faced with the newer challenges of the rise in volume, variety and velocity of the data being generated.

The latest technologies enable Data Visualization with Big Data Analytics and they help the companies in obtaining the newer and deeper insights into their consumer behavior, supply chain performance as well as stakeholder sentiments. The data science techniques help the organizations in carrying out Diagnostic Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics on this data. The Big Data analytics and visualization enables users to explore data sets – not just to find the answers for specific questions, but it also helps in discovering the unexpected insights.

The Management Development Programme on “Big Data Analytics: Leveraging through Data Visualization” sensitizes the participants on the opportunities of harnessing the Big Data for making the informed decisions, analyze it for revealing the hidden aspects and using the findings for business performance enhancement. The programme will also include discussions on the case studies of business intelligence as well as hands-on experience on some data visualization tools for creating value and spurring business growth

The participants will be able to understand the importance of the large volumes of structured and unstructured data, conduct in-depth analysis and strategic insights for the businesses. The MDP participants will get opportunity to learn about Tableau for data visualization and using Alteryx for data mining, business intelligence, data validations, dashboards, etc.


  • To learn about the concept of Big Data and its importance for the organizations
  • To learn analytics tools and techniques used for capturing, storing and processing of Big Data.
  • To learn the latest Data Visualization tools for resolving the business problems.
  • To identify and understand the various opportunities with Big Data analytics for actionable insights for firms.
  • To get hands on experience on the data visualization tools for revealing the hidden trends and patterns for enhancing the business value.

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