Mentorship Program @ GLBIMR

GLBIMR offers a distinctive Mentorship Program in which each student is allotted a faculty mentor and industry mentor. All the mentors polish the students on both academic and industry front and prepare them to go well with the industry requirements. This program aims at grooming the students, refining their communication and behavioral skills and thereby making them fit for the industry.

GLBIMR organizes various management events like Panel Discussions, Expert Talks, Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits, Conferences and Seminars where students get a chance to interact with the industry captains. This interaction facilitates students to get good summer as well as final placements by successfully displaying their organizing and managing skills during these management events.

As a mandatory part of academic curriculum, students are required to attend the mentoring sessions on weekly basis. These mentors provide valuable, practical insights thereby enabling students to visualize and evaluate their education and career options. Mentoring promotes knowledge sharing and experiential learning between the industry professionals and the students. This creates opportunity for the mentees to communicate on an informal basis with seasoned professionals and in turn develop everlasting bonds with their mentors which are maintained throughout their professional pursuits.