Water & Electricity

The institute has complete arrangements to deliver uninterrupted water and electricity supply for the students round the clock. Sufficient water coolers with filtered water are available throughout the campus to provide clean drinking water to the students. In case of power failures, high power generators are also available. Constant monitoring is carried out to ensure that cleanliness is given utmost importance.

Stationery & Communication Centre

A departmental store provides facility for all kinds of needs of the students where the student can fetch anything from daily needs to classroom articles just in a step. It also has a Xerox machine where the students get the copy of their documents. The STD/PCO facilitates GLBIMRians to share their feelings, enjoyment, achievements with their near and dear ones with the help of telephonic conversation and helps to maintain the nearness between the far ones.

Health Check up Camp

Health is wealth. Keeping this in mind a health check up camp was organized in the campus to examine the health of both students and staff members. Acquisition of health related knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices empower students to pursue a healthy life now and in the future. The healthy students take full advantage of every opportunity to learn and thus achieve higher academic excellence tend to maximize social relationships and interactions at college and at home, thus improving their chances of balanced development.


Each out-hostel is provided with necessary first aid facilities. The Institute provides free first aid to the students in college campus during working hours. Qualified physicians are available in the close proximity of the college & hostels for consultancy.