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Education in B-Schools focuses on both the intellectual and personal growth of the students. Clubs at B-schools are aimed at providing an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts by organizing various activities, events, workshops, seminars and extra-curricular events etc. throughout the academic year. GLBIMR aims at continuous learning and holistic development of its students. It offers a very dynamic and exciting environment to its students through diverse clubs where they can showcase their immense talents by participating in different events and set new standards of excellence. The clubs at GLBIMR are “of the students, by the students and for the students” and are extensions of their academic and career aspirations.

Objectives of Clubs @GLBIMR

• To create a "simulated corporate environment" that will enable real learning to take place.
• To equip students with the skills that are required in the new business environment “NEW NORMAL”.
• To encourage students to find innovative solutions to real world business problems.
• To make our students “Corporate Ready".

The various clubs offered by GLBIMR are as follows:

Marketing Club (Marketing Maverick)

GLBIMR Marketing Club aims to facilitate an all-round development of the students in the field of marketing and keep them abreast with the latest happenings in the said domain. It provides an opportunity to the students to hone their marketing talents and aspires to achieve the best with an unwavering spirit of enthusiasm, commitment, innovation and fun by nurturing the creativity in each individual while recognizing their talents
The same is achieved through a plethora of initiatives taken by the club ranging from knowledge sharing sessions to guest lectures by industry experts. The topics of discussion cover the length and breadth of marketing from the basics to the emerging trends. The club also conducts on-line as well as on-campus events to challenge and ignite the marketing minds of the millennial.

Finance Club (Number Crunchers)

GLBIMR Finance Club aim is to promote interest and impart knowledge in the field finance. The club aim is to effectively support students pursuing careers in finance. Foster an environment among students that encourages continues learning and discovery of recent trends and developments in the field of finance. Also, to provide opportunities to put theoretical learning to practice.

Human Resource Club (Affinity)

The Human Resource (HR) Club of GLBIMR aims to bring together students to honour their talent. While serving as a magnificent platform, HR Club encourages students to develop their interpersonal skills by providing year-round interactive activities. This club is designed to inspire students with ultimate experiential learning and nurture their leadership and power to make their own decisions and watch how those decisions affect their life.
The club promotes the active participation of the students in multiple activities. The HR student coordinators take the lead in arranging the events. This enables student coordinators to develop management skills by planning organizing and executing events successfully. The club activities are organized in a regular basis to promote the team spirit and learning by doing approach.

I.T Club (Technovation)

An investment of our unending passion for technology-driven innovation, the Technovation Club of GLBIMR aims to unearth the valued insights we gain from the ever-evolving & versatile technological platforms of the present decade, compounded by the spirit of innovation. Driven by the tech-savvy millennial of GLBIMR, committed towards transforming management education through innovative applications, the club aims to amplify the technological awareness of the students and help each bane transform in to a boon for the future business managers.

Academic Leaders' Club

Directors’ executive club is the premium club of GLBIMR. Students from each batch of PGDM course are exposed to live projects, conferences, participation in live talk shows, participation in case study competitions and many other opportunities at Inter Institute platform.
All members are the leaders in all the events and activities organized in Institute. Leadership Conclave is the flagship programs of this club. Guiding Light of this club is Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director- GLBIMR.

CSR Club (Protsahan & Sangathan: Sharing Smiles)

It’s no longer enough for businesses to simply sell their products and services without considering the surrounding in which they operate. Considering the rapidly changing the outlook of consumers and business towards CSR, this club aims to involve the students with at least one CSR activity so that they will understand the importance of CSR and they will develop their attitude and habit of ethical and social responsibility toward the society and nation.

Sports Club (Gladiators)

The GLBIMR Sports Club has been set up with an objective to promote Sports initiatives among the students. It aims to offers opportunities for physical activity in a world where physical activity is increasingly diminishing; it promotes good health and well-being (when pursued in moderation); and it provides a means of social contact and ample opportunity for intensive experiences.

Art and Culture Club (The Artisans)

The art and culture club cultural encourages student’s interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art and literary curriculum and scope. The inventiveness is to provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the institute community. This club provides a learning experience for the members as students are responsible for enhancing the sensitivity of our rich art and culture among the youth community. The team based activities would push the participants towards team building and also leadership.

Research Club (Creating New Knowledge)

Research has become an inseparable part of every higher education institution across the globe. To produce quality research communication is essential and to make it happen an interactive platform is needed where researchers across multiple disciplines can interact and collaborate. To provide such an interactive platform, GLBIMR’s Research Club has been established where faculty members and students can share their research work on contemporary issues and practices to enrich their work and influence the research agenda. This will further ensure quality research so that it can impact business and society at large.
The Research Club organizes research seminars where the faculty members present their recent research work or conduct various short duration workshops to build research acumen of GLBIMR faculty members and students.

Fitness Club (Stay Fit)

The objective of this Fitness club in GLBIMR is to modify the behavior from ‘Passive Screen time’ to ‘Active Field time’ and to develop Sports Quotient among all the students to achieve a healthy and better lifestyle. The club will organize various indoor and outdoor sports activities along with Yoga for all, Fitness and Nutrition awareness campaigns for Students and Staff around the year.