Our Activities

Activities in GHRODC are jointly undertaken in collaboration with OD Skill Development Academy, the collaborators. The major activities are:

1. Round Tables - MSMEs, Mothers and Children, Contemporary issues in HRM & OD

Round table discussions help to identify sector-specific HRM interventions. Industry leaders and academicians are invited to share their viewpoints and brainstorm the issues for further utilizing the deliberations for developing contextual HR models. A round table conference on ‘What all of HRM can be applied to MSMEs?’ was organized in March 2022, wherein industry experts and academicians identified key HR interventions for MSMEs in India.

2. HRM Case Workshop

Competitions help students to brainstorm and learn in a collaborative environment. Bamboos-based industry business plan competitions were organized in April 2022, wherein students from various states of India participated and explained their business ideas. All the ideas reflected the revival of the bamboo sector in India and its relevance.

3. Behavioural Process Labs

HR & Behavioral Lab has been created for the purpose of developing students through systematic sensitization and desensitization through various laboratory training methods, such as T group/sensitivity training, confrontation laboratory, simulation, behavioral games, training instruments, etc. for the realization of the realities in lab conditions and comes out as the most powerful professional for becoming successful in the most diverse, complex and complicated situations.

HR & Behavioral Lab

  • Simulation exercises
  • Behavioral Labs
  • Self-awareness through: WHO AM I
  • Diagnosing the emotional states
  • Instruments administrations for focused feedback to Individuals and triggering an inner desire to change and excel
  • Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling, and Career Development lab for students

4. Programs and Courses

All the programs, executive courses, and courses are either customized or announced programs. Certifications related to career development, human resource management, organization development, and vocational skills are offered to the interested candidates. The center is associated with the IFS Officers program organized by ODSDA from November 22 – 26, 2021 and customized training proposals to PSUs are also in process.

Executive Education Programs :

  • Executive Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management & Organization Development (EPGPHRM & OD)

Short term Development programs

  • 5 days Program on Leadership Development & Excellence
  • 5 days Program on Nurturing Leadership Potential among Women Managers

5. Certfied Behavioral Trainers

6. Certified OD Practitioners programs

7. Certified HRBP programs

8. Mentoring and Coaching

9. International Conferences

International conferences in the HR domain for stimulating research based on empirical data, or significant experience will provide a platform for academicians, practitioners, consultants, research scholars, and students of management studies to brainstorm and discuss the appropriate HR strategies, especially in the post-pandemic world.

10. Publications:

Through publications, one can make scientific and practical contributions to the pool of knowledge and disseminate the relevant findings to others. This will make researchers and practitioners with HR interests aware of new knowledge and models evolving in the HR landscape.


Consultancy for business optimization, organizational wellness, formalized HR policies, leadership transition, and change management are planned to help organizations and institutions in achieving their respective goals and develop a suitable workplace ecosystem with a people-centric approach. The center was involved by ODSDAPL in development of Bamboo Vision 2035 for Maharashtra Bamboo Development Board, It is also providing consultancy for promotion of Bamboo Industries through creation of Bamboo Idustries Promotion Cell, created in association with ODSDAPL. The centre also organised Bamboo Business Plan (BAMBUSPLAN) competion for ODSDA and MBDB.

Consultancy Projects:

  • Bamboo Vision 2035 Development through ODSDAPL for MBDB
  • Bamboo Industries Promotion Cell for Bamboo Industries based Entrepreneurship promotion in collaboration with ODSDA
  • Bamboo-based industries Business Plan (BAMBUSPLAN) for MBDB through ODSDA

Action and Applied Research:

Applied research in HRM and OD involving a systematic and scientific process of information collection, and analyzing the available information is conducted to solve a specific problem or provide innovative solutions to HR issues. Two projects on ‘A study for assessing opportunities and potentials for the production and consumption of sustainable resources to set up Rural Industrial Parks( RIPA) in the state of Chhattisgarh’ and ‘A study of livelihood opportunity at the regional level and strategies for developmental action for employability requirements in the state of Chhattisgarh’ are in progress.

Working Papers based on Research Projects Underway:

  • “A Study for assessing Opportunities and potentials for the Production and Consumption of Sustainable Resources to set up Rural Industrial Parks ( RIPA) in the State of Chhattisgarh”.
  • A Study of Livelihood opportunity at the Regional level and Strategies for Developmental action for Employability requirements in the state of Chhattisgarh.
  • The analysis of factors affecting the choice of business and management higher education intuitions: A case study of GL Bajaj Institute of management and Research. PGDM students.
  • Coping with Occupational Role Stress due to increased patient numbers and consequent increased pressure on hospital systems, support staff, patient satisfaction, sensitivities, and hospital excellence.
  • A Study of the Current Status and Opportunities of Farmer Production Organizations (FPOs) and Excellence in Chhattisgarh State and Evolving the Strategy For Empowerment of Farmer's Production Organizations in Chhattisgarh State.

Collaborative Research Areas identified for taking up in the future:

  1. A study of the consequential effects of Emotional Labour due to varying Emotional Intelligence of Nursing and Support Staff in hospital excellence.
  2. Emotional Intelligence as Predictors of Emotional Labour and Hospital Excellence.
  3. A program on team working among medical doctors, nursing, paramedical, and nursing staff for higher hospital reputation and excellence.
  4. A STUDY of education for Employability in Chhattisgarh Status and Future Directions and Innovative Courses Based on needs of the States including opportunities for Scholarship.
  5. A Study of Urban Status of unemployment at present in Raipur, Bilaspur, Durham, Dulai City Municipal and Corporation Areas.
  6. Detailed Study Covering Current Status Employment areas, Skill Gaps, Opportunities for Self Employment, and Financial Schemes.

Evidence of success:

GHRODC successfully conducted two activities namely a round table on ‘What all of HRM can be applied to MSMEs?’ and a business plan competition based on the bamboo industry. Both the activities conducted aimed at brainstorming ideas and HR solutions for gaining higher organic growth. GHRODC will utilize the deliberations and important aspects shared in the discussions to plan effectively for the upcoming future activities. Apart from these two activities, the center works with student interns to learn and work with GHRODC for attaining the pre-determined goals. Students’ active involvement and contribution have helped the center to successfully execute the activities planned and develop the course of action for the upcoming year. They are developing leadership and team management skills by working closely with the faculty consultants of GHRODC. Renowned people from the industry, government, institutions, and academia have expressed their appreciation for GHRODC and mentioned that such initiatives are crucial for societal development and capacity building, especially in emerging economies. In the HR lab, a 3 days long real-time simulation among students pursuing HR specialization. The students have been highly responsive to these and more and more students are eager to learn from lab activities. To manage research and field work effectively, one resource associate was recently hired by the institute.

It has also succesfully developed 1 year Executive Post Graduate Program in HR & OD in collaboration with ODSDAPL, highly appreciated by leading industry and acdemic leaders, tobe launched August, 2023.