GLOBAL Human Resource & Organization Development Centre (GHRODC), is an initiative of OD Skill Development Academy Pvt. Ltd. (ODSDAL), for undertaking skill enhancement, competency building and HR Lab activites. The main focus of the center will be providing solutions to HR problems and issues for competency and capacity building.

ODSDAPL has a proven record of achievements and providing solutions to organizations in the government department (central and state), public and private sectors, educational institutions, NGOs, etc. GHRODC has planned to pursue the mission of lifelong learning through several impactful interventions designed and undertaken by ODSDAPL. GHRODC intends to emerge as an institution of human resource management and organization development through its impactful research, training, and consulting programs.

Our Vision:

To Create a Platform to address emerging and Futuristic human resources needs of the industry to harness the latent potential of the nation in sync with the policy frameworks. It aims to Create a platform which facilitates the integration of skill-based education, training and Consultancy in close association with the industry and policymakers.

Our Mission:

  • To develop and promote a professional education system in India and developing Asian Countries to make it globally competitive.
  • To address the requirements of the industry employers by shaping and enhancing the professional education delivery.
  • To reduce the ever-increasing global skill set gap.
  • To create a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to showcase and boost their endeavours…
  • To develop coherence among the policy frameworks and industry expectations with the delivery and performance of the professional education system