Anti Ragging Policies & Committee

Mechanism and Composition of Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti Ragging Committee is a kind of 24x7 committee where immediate action is be initiated either on receiving complaint or sue motto on any such information being available. Aggrieved student has the liberty to inform any member of the committee any time, including at the stroke of the mid-night. The Institute has adopted zero- tolerance for ragging in any form. Being a small and close nit campus, student can approach any Faculty even when the Faculty is not a member of the committee and the Faculty will immediate take prima face action and bring in the committee member at the earliest opportunity. Due to strict vigilance and policy, Institute has not seen any cases of untoward ragging. The Anti Ragging Committee meets immediately on the receipt of a complaint and at least once a month even if there is no formal complaint lodged.

Anti Ragging Committee

SI Name of Official Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Director, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute Chairperson [email protected]
2 Dr. Anand Kumar Rai Member 9811743141 [email protected]
3 Dr. Prachi Member 9990643077 [email protected]
4 Mr. Kuldeep Adhana Member 9311969694 [email protected]
5 Dr. Shuchita Singh Member 9873803736 [email protected]
6 Mr. Sandeep Kumar (Parents) Member 9971234777 [email protected]
7 Mr. Yatender (1st year student) Member 7073281278 [email protected]

Anti Ragging Squad

SI Name of Official Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Dr. Anand Kumar Rai Faculty Incharge 9811743141 [email protected]
2 Dr. Prachi Member 9810471008 [email protected]
3 Dr. Arvind Kr. Bhatt Member 9457473730 [email protected]
4 Mr. Kuldeep Adhana Member 9311969694 [email protected]


SI Name of Official Contact No.
1 Dr. Anand Kr. Rai 9811743141
2 Dr. Shuchita Singh 9873803736

Students can contact the counsellors for any help and guidance.

Names and Telephone Numbers of the Officers of Police Department, Gautam Buddha Nagar District:

SI Post Office Mobile No
1 SSP – Noida 2473300 / 2514750 9870395001
2 SP (RA) 9870395003
3 CO (Greater Noida) 9870395009
4 SHO (Knowledge Park) 9870395069