Computer Centre

The computer centre is well-equipped with computing resources to cater to the academic needs of the students. The centre is a constant hub of activities providing a conducive learning environment.

The trained technical staff is available to help out the students to apply the theoretical concepts which they learn in the classroom.

Boys & Girls Hostel: At GLBIMR, we are fortunate in being able to guarantee secured accommodation to all students who make an application with the prescribed period.

Wi-Fi Facilities at GLBIMR

To keep pace with the fast changing world & to make the world a smaller place to live in, GLBIMR has a faster Internet facility in its campus. GLBIMR has access to the Internet through a WI-FI with a speed of 40 MBPS. Additionally, this high speed Internet connectivity is available for 24 hours to all the students and staff . The Internet facility is available throughout the campus & personal login for all students are provided. Attempts are being made to have Internet connections in the out-hostels too. A highly specialized state-of the-art Internet lab is there for students to access the net whenever they wish to do so.

Language Lab

The lab attempts to inculcate the practical skills of communication which include discussion sessions, presentations, mock meetings, mock interviews with an objective of developing the all round personality, particularly the qualities of leadership, dynamism, team building, positive value based attitude and confidence among the scholars.