About Alumni and Alumni Association

GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research is proud of its alumni. The Institute welcomes its alumni to continue an appealing relationship with its alma mater. The Institute works closely with the Alumni to involve them through various activities towards academic excellence at the institute.

The Institute has a dedicated Alumni association which helps connect to the alumni who have brought glory to their alma mater. The association has been duly registered as GLBIMR PGDM Alumni Association on January 11 under the Society Registration Act. It is an independent body run by the students under the guidance of the faculty conveyor.

Details of registration and the current body are given below:

Date of Registration: 11th January

Society's Registration Number: GBN/11889

Current Alumni Body

Details of the current office bearers of the Alumni Association are given below:

S.No. Designation in Alumni Body Name Batch Occupation Contact Info
1 President Mr. Sunil Dutt 2011-13 Service 7835005112
2 Vice President Mr. Himanshu Verma 2012-14 Service 9910808286
3 Secretory Mr. Chandan Kumar 2011-13 Business 8506010109
4 Joint Secretory Meenakshi Rajpal 2016-18 Service 9711883165
5 Treasurer Mr Sanjeev Khandelwal 2011-13 Service 9717837363
6 Member Ankita Dixit 2018-20 Service 9990505666
7 Member Mr Gopesh Kumar 2019-21 Service 9953840810

The alumni cell has also been instrumental in continuously improving alumni engagement year on year and also thinking innovative ways to improve efficiency & performance. With over 2119 alumni located at different parts of the world, some of whom are self-employed, it is utmost important to engage the alumni for the primary benefit of the students, the institute and all other stake holders. We at GLBIMR continuously strive to foster better & long time engagement with our alumni. We also reach out to our graduates through a variety of social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Registered alumni users is also engaging alumni across continents through chats, blogs, personal information, job postings, alumni stories, enewsletters and invitation to special events.

The GLBIMR Alumni Cell exists to help you stay connected to your Alma mater, and to each other, wherever you are in your life now. For any institute the Alumni can contribute to the development of the student community immensely, but to effectively leverage this resource they all need a catalyst; the GLBIMR Alumni Cell is constantly persevering to play this role to perfection.

It is well said that “No Matter Where You Are, You Can Make a Difference!"

We wish you All the Best in your careers & life and hope to hear your valuable feedback at [email protected]