Examination Committee


Institute administration has constituted Examination Committee and has been allotted certain duties and powers to ensure the quality of the examinations and the marks allotted to the students. An Examination Committee is convened for assessment and consideration of all examinations related issues. The Examinations Committee shall meet at least once in each academic term of a year. The meeting shall also be convened under the orders of director, as and when required.


To conduct Internal Assessment and External Assessment Examination related all work as per AICTE notifications and ordinance.


Director Chairman
Controller of Examination Member Secretary
Area Chairs nominated by Director Member
Faculty nominated by Director Member
Faculty nominated by Director Member
Faculty nominated by Director Member
Evaluation Expert nominated by the Director Member (Evaluation Expert)

Powers and duties of the Examination Committee:

  • The committee shall ensure proper organization of all examinations which include the paper setting, selection of external examiners, moderation, exam conduction, evaluation, result processing and declaration of results.
  • The Examination Committee shall appoint members for the Moderation Committee and the experts for setting, evaluation and moderation of question paper.
  • To undertake examination reforms to improve and control the quality of examinations.
  • The committee shall arrange for strict vigilance during the conduct of the examination in order to avoid the use of unfair means.
  • The recommendations of the Unfair Means Committee, shall be placed before the Examination Committee.
  • The Examination Committee shall access and approve the recommendations of the Unfair Means Committee.
  • The Examination Committee shall deal with all the matters with regard to examinations and shall hear and resolve.
  • The complaints received, pertaining to any matter arising out in the conduct of examinations.
  • The committee shall meet at least twice during the academic year and more, as may be required.
  • In addition, the Committee shall perform such duties and responsibilities that are assigned from time to time by the Director.

Moderation Committee

The Moderation Committee has been constituted under the Examination committee to.

  • Evaluate the quality of the question papers.
  • Evaluate the question paper in terms of the subject's course outcome (CO) and syllabus.
  • Access the marks assigned and difficulty level of the questions in the question paper.
  • Recommend the changes to the internal and external question paper setter.


The internal faculty members are appointed as moderators by controller of examination from the panel of names approved by the director. The Moderator are responsible for moderating the question papers keeping following in mind.

  • Degree of Difficulty.
  • Correction in the language.
  • Whether marks allocated to the question commensurate with difficulty level of the questions and assigned course outcome.