The International Relations Centre at GLBIMR is a highly accomplished hub for academic and research activities that serves as a gateway for GLBIMR's global engagement. GLBIMR is dedicated to research and education that has a positive impact on both business and societal development. The Centre takes great pride in its continuous efforts to strengthen GLBIMR's global presence.

GLBIMR plays a crucial role in identifying, developing, and nurturing global partnerships. Over the past few years, we have successfully established long-term relationships with international partners around the world. Through various initiatives such as student exchanges, faculty exchanges, international immersion programs, short-term programs, the institute supports global business education. These opportunities allow GLBIMR PGDM students to learn from the best business practices worldwide and develop a strong cross-cultural sensitivity.

Our aim is to expand and enhance global training programs, foster internationally collaborative research (especially in emerging markets), and provide professional and consulting services. By doing so, we not only strive to produce responsible future managers but also contribute to the growth of industry, government, regional entities, and international institutions.

Partner Institutes