Sadhguru Mental Health Conclave

An event to embrace and remember forever!

GL Bajaj welcomed Sadhguru on 2nd December 2022, for Mental Health Conclave 2022: A lifetime session with Sadhguru

The event was a massive opportunity for the students to witness Sadhguru and to interact with him on a global concern "Mental Health". Students took the opportunity to ask about the problems they are facing in their day-to-day lives.

Sadhguru orated about well-being, personal growth, and the way we perceive things and experience life. He explained, how every human has the power to create blissfulness for themselves, from within, without indulging in any toxic and lethal things for our health. He beautifully highlighted the significance of "balance" and how much power humans possess to hit that balance in our life.

'Save Soil' - a massive movement initiated & undertaken by the Isha Foundation to save the world's soils from becoming extinct. His message to the youth was about potential energy of youthful India and that every citizen holds the energy to take a lead in the global movement to save soil.

Sadhguru's presence was a blessing to the entire GL Bajaj family. It was an heartwarming and eternally joyful event for every student at GL Bajaj.