Expert Talk on ERP Systems

Guest Details: Prof. Shilpa Wakade

GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research is delighted to have hosted Prof. Shilpa Wakade, Technical Lead ERP in IBM India for an expert talk on ERP i.e Enterprise Resource Planning and to empower the young budding managers in understanding the basics as well as the latest trends in ERP.

Ms. Wakade explained to the young managers- what ERP is and why management students should have knowledge of this subject.

Further, PGDM students were educated about the versatility of ERP, and how ERP helps us to have real-time information about any department.

She shared her experiences with customers, using ERP, and how it gives them ease in tracking their order status.

The session enabled the students to understand how ETS plays an important role in helping us to find a way to integrate data and various processes into a single system, thus helping an organization in smooth functioning.