Expert Talk on Sensitization towards Marketing Specialization

Guest Details: Mr. Devojeet Sarkar,

Under its Expert Talk Series, GLBIMR organized a session on Sensitization towards Marketing Specialization by Mr. Devojeet Sarkar, Manager - Channel Expansion and Brand Promotion, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd

The main objective of this session was to apprise the students of the importance of Marketing Specialisation and to get an insight into the industry perspective on various marketing career opportunities and marketing verticals.

The students got an understanding of the job roles and static market trends. Further discussions on CRM and service-based marketing firms made the students realize that sales are an integral component of Marketing. Examples of Companies like HUL, HCL, and McKinsey were cited to explain active and sustained job roles in the Marketing area.

The session was enlightening and thought-provoking for the students.