Dr Nidhi Srivastava







Course Involvement:

  1. Accounting for Managers
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Fintech and Banking
  4. Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Principal Publications:

  1. (2022) "Digital Financial Inclusion: Evidence from India" published with by Routledge "Rethinking Business Agility During Uncertainty" at International Conference "ICCBP 2022" organized by MDI, Murshidabad pp 107-118, ISBN 978-1-032-33382-3
  2. (2021), "Education Loan Delivery by Banks in India: A Qualitative Enquiry", Banks and Bank Systems, Volume 16 (4), pp 125-136, eISSN 1991-7074 available at http://dx.doi.org/10.21511/bbs.16(4).2021.11,
  3. (2018), "Artificial Intelligence and challenges for Management Graduates in Digital Economy", "Management Practices for the New (Digital) Economy" Bloomsbury India, ISBN:978-93- 86826-85-5
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