Dr Prachi Agarwal


Assistant Professor





Course Involvement:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. Performance Management and Competency Mapping
  4. Compensation and Rewards Management

Principal Publications:

  1. Tiwary, D; Pandey, M; and & Agarwal, P (2022). Remodelling post-COVID 19 resilience of emerging market microenterprises. Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, 43(6), 1475-1486, DOI: 10.1080/02522667.2022.2117347 (ABDC-C Category Journal)
  2. Agarwal, P; Kumari, A; and Yadav, P (2022). Strategic Talent Acquisition at Global Logic: A Case of Globallogic Homecoming. Journal of Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, 9(1), 778-783, ISSN - 2277-7067. (UGC Care Journal)
  3. Agarwal, P; Yadav P; Yadav A and Bhati, B (2020). A Study on Employee Retention and Turnover in India. Mukt Shabd Journal, Volume IX, Issue IV (2347-3150); (UGC Care Journal), Impact Factor 4.6. Kumari.A, Srivastava A and Agarwal.P, Paper Titled "Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of Student's Online Learning Outcomes in Management Education: An Empirical Study Using Vroom's Expectancy Theory" accepted for publication in SCOPUS indexed IEEE book on "Advanced Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: A Policy - Technology-Capacity Enabled Approach." By River publishers.

Short works and book chapters:

Book Publication and Chapter

  1. Bhati, B, Aggarwal, P and Kumar, V (2021). Strategic Competence, Environmental Turbulence and Firm Performance: A Framework. Emerging Contours of Business and Management. Publisher: SVDES Book Series, Delhi (ISBN: 978-93-91842-41-3)