Dr Ripudaman Gaur


Professor, Chairperson (Outreach)




PhD, MBA-Marketing

Course Involvement:

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Brand Management
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Soft Skills

Principal Publications:

  1. Gaur, Ripudaman, Shantpriya, Meenu and Chaudahry, Sarita (2023), "Psychological Consequences of Social Media Usage: A Case of University Students' Perception", Manager-The British Journal of Administrative Management (ABDC),ISSN- 1746 – 1278 vol59-issue-158
  2. Gaur, Ripudaman and Chaudahry, Sarita (2021),” A Qualitative Analysis of Zoomer’s Perception of Social Network Sites in India” Philosophical Readings, XIII.4-2022-pp.-3323-3328.pdf ISSN 20364989
  3. Gaur, Ripudaman and Chaudahry, Sarita (2021). “Relevance of Social Media for Employability of Graduating Students: Lessons from Literature Review”, Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Volume 23, Issue 7, July – 2021, pp-1068-1076ISSN:1007-6735
  4. Gaur, Ripudaman and Chaudahry, Sarita (2020), "Exploring the perspective of graduating students about social media utility in emploaybility", Journal of Social Science, E-ISSN:09758935 P-ISSN:0253-1097 Cosmos Impact Factor:6.120
  5. Gaur, Ripudaman, Verma, Aman and Bhatt, Arvind Kumar (2020), ” Consumer Cognizance about Forex Card in Digital Epoch” International Conference on Computation, Automation and Knowledge Management(Scopus/IEEE)
  6. Gaur, Ripudaman et all,(2010), “Emotional Intelligence: creating Competitive edge Published in Book “Soft Skills-Key to professional excellence ISBN NO- 978-81-8220-319-8 Publisher-Global vision publishing House, New Delhi
  7. Gaur, Ripudaman et all,(2009), “Challenges and Opportunities to Indian Pharmaceutical companies in Global market Published and presented in National Seminar organized by LKGIs
  8. Gaur, Ripudaman et all, (2008) Blue casting : The next Marketing Big wig National seminal Proceedings by Gurukul Kngarhi University, Haridwar
  9. Gaur, Ripudaman and Malviya, KK (2009), “SMEs : Challenges, Opportunities and Remedies in India” 978-81-8450-082-0, Small & Medium Enterprises in Transitional Economies, pp-242-249
  10. Gaur, Ripudaman (2008), “Protect your rights, consumers” Conference Proceedings International Conference organised by MIET, Meerut
  11. Gaur, Ripudaman, and Varshney, Ajayl, (2006) “E-CRM in India, Research in Management and Technology, Conference Proceedings organized by International Conference organised by GJIMT, Mohali

Edited Books:

  1. Gaur, Ripudaman and Singh, DB (2012), "India Inc: Managing for Tomorrow" ISBN:978-93-81771-03-7


  1. "IOT & AI based implementation of smart city for Customized Identity , Waste, Water and Energy Efficient Management Plan and Development" Application No-202111057963 (2021)

MDP's Delivered:

  1. Delivered a Training Program “Effective Management and Leadership” for Bank's Women Officers from 11th March 2019 to 14th March 2019 at Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) Oriental Bank of Commerce
  2. Training Program for Directorate of Training (UPSC) “Importance of Personal Branding for Bureaucrats” for DANICS 55th /PCS batch probationers (2018)
  3. “Motivation & Stress management” at Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) Oriental Bank of Commerce