Priyanka Sadhna


Assistant Professor




Ph.D. (Pursuing), MBA, B.Com (Hons.)

Course Involvement:

  1. Organization Behaviour
  2. HRM
  3. Applied Managerial Communication

Principal Publications:

  1. Lim, W. M., Gupta, S., Aggarwal, A., Paul, J., & Sadhna, P. (2021). How do digital natives perceive and react toward online advertising? Implications for SMEs. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1-35.
  2. Aggarwal, A., Sadhna, P., Gupta, S., Mittal, A., & Rastogi, S. (2022). Gen Z entering the workforce: Restructuring HR policies and practices for fostering the task performance and organizational commitment. Journal of Public Affairs, 22(3), e2535.
  3. Sadhna, P., Gupta, S., & Rastogi, S. (2020). Key motivators for driving work performance amid COVID-19 in developing nations. International 4.Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion, 11(2), 105-119.b.
  4. Sadhna, P., & Daipuria, P. (2022). Engaging Generation Z employees in Indian IT sector: The role of job crafting. Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research,11(8),24-41 .

Short works and book chapters:

  1. Sadhna, P., Dana L.P. & Srivastava V.N. (2023). HRM interventions for MSMEs in India: A qualitative study, (pp. 1-20). Bloomsbury
  2. Sadhna, P., & Daipuria, P. (2022). Fostering employee engagement through social media: Impact on Generation Z employees. In Media and communication in the new world order (pp. 1-20). D.P.S. Publishing House
  3. Sadhna P., Singhal, S. & Goel, D. (2016). BILT: A catalyst driving social change. In From act to action: CSR practices today (pp. 151-164). Excel India Publishers.
  4. Rakesh, S., Sadhna, P., Bhardwaj, B. & Arora, A. (2023). Possibilities and Breakthroughs: Reinventing Management, Bloomsbury.
  5. Rakesh, S., Sadhna, P., Bhardwaj, R., Kumar, S. & Bhardwaj A., (2018). Let’s Redefine Preparation, Bloomsbury.