Dr Surabhi Singh






MCom, MCA, PGDBA-Mktg. , Ph.D

Course Involvement:

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Strategic Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. IMC
  5. Strategic Management

Membership of Professional Bodies / Associations:

  1. Associated with WICCI-Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce Industry as President-City Council (Honorary role), Ghaziabad, UP (Aug 2020-August2021)
  2. Associated with ISTD Noida as Member since August,2020.
  3. Associated with GMA as Member since October,2020
  4. Associated with ISTE as member since June,2020
  5. Associated with DESC as Senior Advisor since March,2023
  6. Guest Editor of Special Issue of Journal of Consumer Behaviour (January-June,2022)(A category Journal & Q1 journal), https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/14791838/homepage/call_for_papers.
  7. Guest Editor of Special issue of International Journal of Business Analytics (Scopus Indexed Journal and ESCI)-Volume 7, Issue 2, 2020.
  8. Editorial Advisory Board of Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies Journal(Scopus Indexed Journal) http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/case_studies/eab.htm.
  9. Editorial Advisory Board member in Edited book of Prof Jose Duarte Santos titled ‘Digital Marketing Strategies for Tourism, Hospitality, and Airline Industries’,https://www.igi-global.com/book/digital-marketing-strategies-tourism-hospitality/223464 in August 2019.
  10. Editorial Reviewer Board of International Journal of E Adoption (WoS indexed) https://www.igi-global.com/journal/international-journal-adoption/1107
  11. Editorial Advisory Board Member of Metro Rail Today(https://metrorailtoday.com/page/editorial-advisory-board)

Principal Publications:


  1. Singh, Surabhi; Syed, Asif Ali; Bajaj, Radheshyam.(2023). Analysing applications of Neuromarketing in the efficacy of Programmatic Advertising, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, doi- https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/cb.2249 (ABDC-A, ABS-2, Scopus, Q1)
  2. Singh, N., Singh, S; & Samala, N.(2023). Editorial for the special sectbehaviourNeuromarketing in predicting consumer behavior: The efficiency & effectiveness, https://doi.org/10.1002/cb.2285 (ABDC-A, ABS-2, Scopus, Q1)
  3. Singh, S; Malik, Priyanka; Kaur, Jasmandeep.(2023). Expressing Your Personality Through Apparels: Role of Fashion Involvement and Innovativeness in Purchase Intention, FIIB Business Review, 12(1) (ABDC-C, Scopus, Q2)
  4. Singh, Surabhi; Sharma, Megha; Mohd. Salim. (2022). Effect of Covid-19 on Liquor Industry in Uttarakhand, Empirical Economic Letters , 21(3) (Category C)
  5. Surabhi Singh, Lata Bajpai Singh & Anjali Rai. (2022). Investigating the Analytics for Workforce Automation. SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies, 9(5), 23-31. https://doi.org/10.14445/23939125/IJEMS-V9I5P103
  6. Kaur, J., Malik, P., & Singh, S. (2022). Empirical Paper on Consumer Buying Behavior: Comprehending the Nexus between Online Consumer Purchase and Satisfaction in the Footwear Industry in India. Journal Of Algebraic Statistics, 13(1), 757-779.
  7. Singh, S., Chatterjee, T.K., & Bhowmick, S. (2022). Customer satisfaction and service innovations of chain restaurants in india-domestic vs. International chains. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 1095-6298, 26(S3),1-9.(B Category)
  8. Singh, Surabhi; Singh, Ramanjeet; Kaur Jasmandeep. (2022). Investigation of Fashion Disposal behaviour among Gen X and Gen Y in India, International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 31 (2), ISSN: 1753-3627 DOI-https://doi.org/10.1504/IJBG.2022.125952 , 198-215.(Scopus)
  9. Singh, Surabhi. (2021). Technology Impact and its infrastructure in different territories, Indian Journal of Ecology, 28(16), 161-170, ISSN-0304-5250(Scopus)
  10. Singh, Surabhi and Ghatak, Sanchita. (2021). Investigating E-Wallet Adoption in India: Extending the TAM model, International Journal of E Business Research, 17(3), ISSN: 1548-1131|EISSN: 1548-114X|DOI: 10.4018/IJEBR, July. (Scopus).
  11. Singh, Surabhi. (2020). Impact of Neuromarketing applications on Consumer, Journal of Business and Management, 26(2), September, 33-52. ISSN:1535-668X (C Category, Ebsco, Cabells, Proquest indexed), DOI: 10.6347/JBM.202009_26(2).0002
  12. Singh, Surabhi & Arora Ashish . (2019). Sustainability issues in freshfruggies: hyperlocal fruits and vegetable delivery model, Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies, 9(2), 2045-0621, https://doi.org/10.1108/EEMCS-10-2018-0222(Scopus)
  13. Singh, Surabhi., Ghatak, Sanchita. (2019). Examining Maslow Hierarchy Need Theory in Social Media Adoption. FIIB Business Review, 8(4), ISSN: 2319-7145 Online ISSN: 2455-2658. (ABDC)
  14. Singh, S. (2017). Digital Marketing in Online Education Services. International Journal of Online Marketing (IJOM), 7(3), 20-29.ISSN-2156-1753. Doi:10.4018/IJOM.2017070102-(Scopus).

Authored books

  1. Neuromarketing and Its Applications (2021), 978-93-5433-009-4, Text, Single, Himalaya
  2. Research Methodology and its Applications in Management (2019), ISBN-978-93-88804-12-7, Available on Amazon.in, Text, Single, Adhyayan
  3. Digital Marketing (2018),978-93-85212-38-3, Text, Single, Mewar University Press

Edited Books

  1. Driving Traffic and Customer Activity through Affiliate Marketing (2017), doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-2656-8, Edited, Single, IGI Global and scopus indexed
  2. Adoption and Implementation of AI in CRM 2021, 10.4018/978-1-7998-7959-6, Edited, Single, IGI Global
  3. Changing Global Economic Scenario: Strategies for Business Sustainability 2017, 978-93-87471-30-6, Edited, Co-Author, Bloomsbury
  4. Technological Driven Skill Development for India's Growth 2017, 978-93-85000-64-5, Edited, Co-Author, Bharti Publications

Book Chapters

  1. Singh, Surabhi & Shukla, Parag. (2023). Industry 5.0 and Digital Innovations: Antecedents to Sustainable Business Model, In (ed.) Transformation for Sustainable Business and Management Practices, Emerald, (Scopus) https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/978-1-80262-277-520231003/full/html.
  2. Singh, Surabhi; Abidi, Naseem. (2021). Opportunities and Challenges of Sustainable Marketing Practices in Emerging Markets. Doing Business in Emerging Markets: Progress and Promises, ISBN- 9780367768836, September 28, Routledge, Taylor and Francis. https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9781003199168-8/opportunities-challenges-sustainable-marketing-practices-emerging-markets-surabhi-singh-naseem-abidi.
  3. Singh, Surabhi. (2016). Role of media in the success of e-tailing. In Shailja Dixit, Amit Sinha (ed.), E-Retailing Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Marketplace, IGI Global, ISBN-978-1-4666-99212.doi: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9921-2.ch012-Scopus indexed
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