SC/ST Cell

In order to take care of all day-to-day problems and issues with regard to Faculty, Staff members and students of the Institute, the SC/ST has been constituted as per the AICTE guidelines.

The members of the SC/ST Cell are as under:

S.No. Name of Faculty Member Designation Status in the Cell Email ID Contact No.
1 Dr. Anand Kumar Rai Associate Professor Convener [email protected] 9811743141
2 Dr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor Member [email protected] 9991033395
3 Ms. Arpana Kumari Assistant Professor Member [email protected] 9555408724
4 Mr. Kuldeep Adhana Registrar Liaison Officer [email protected] 9311969694

The SC/ST Cell will be functional with immediate effect.

The issues pertaining to the SC/ST, must be reported to the above members.