Alumni Speaks


Clearwater Analytics, Reconciliation Analyst
PGDM Batch 2007-09

"Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference".
My experience at GBIMR has had so much influence on me today. Living right on the beautiful campus puts me in the middle of a hundred different opportunities.
It was amazing to meet and be taught by the most talented and dedicated Faculty always going extra mile to ensure that students receive top -notch education and mentorship.
GLBIMR has helped me to overcome the distance between dreams and reality.


Co-Founder & CIO, Techchef Ewaste Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
PGDM Batch 2008-10

Pursuing PGDM from GLBIMR, I can confidently say that my journey at the institute was truly transformative. The faculty at GLBIMR showed immense talent and dedication in imparting knowledge and shaping my skills. Experience at GLBIMR has equipped me with a strong foundation in management principles and practical skills. My ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios is improved tremendously after PGDM. My contributions at Techchef E-Waste Solutions reflects my exceptional talent and commitment that I developed during my PGDM course at GLBIMR.


Manager, Q Events Pvt. Ltd.
PGDM Batch 2009 - 11

Studying at GLBIMR was a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on business administration, it also equipped me with skills to manage and run enterprise in the dynamic and complex business environment. It has helped me grow both professionally and personally.


Sales Specialist, Signify Innovations India Limited
PGDM Batch 2009 - 11

Being a part of new beginnings is always special and so is my journey in Management Education with GLBIMR PGDM Batch 2009-11. Looking back, I can certainly say that PGDM was the most important milestone in shaping my career. GLBIMR provides an innovative course design, best in class faculty from industry and hands on experience from various training Throughout the academic sessions, I was challenged to discover capabilities that I never knew I had. Along with academics, the Institute focuses on personality development which helped me build a rewarding career.


Vice President (Data Stewardship | Data Government), BlackRock
PGDM Batch 2010 - 12

I would like to thank GLBIMR for making me a “True Professional”. The complete ensemble, including the faculty, infrastructure, co-curricular activities, industry interface, placement assistance and the soft skill training contributed to make me "Future Ready". My journey with GLBIMR was enormous.


Tax Manager, Deloitte, India
PGDM Batch 2010 - 12

GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research not only gave me an excellent platform to study and excel in my professional lives but also on the personal front. I fondly and very vividly remember our Alma Mater. I am doing exceptionally well in my Professional domain which is all because of the training, grooming, motivation and inspiration that enabled and helped us in pursuing excellence in education and becoming thorough professionals. The mentorship provided in a variety of contexts, and the myriad of other ways greatly & positively affected us and shaped & prepared us for the outside World.


Territory Head at Rupyy -Cardekho, Rupyy (Cardekho Group)
PGDM Batch 2010 - 12

The impact of GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research extended my knowledge and horizons, I have learned a lot from my Almamater and colleagues about perseverance and professionalism. An institute of such high repute provided just the right guidance and experience to me, which prepared me to see beyond the narrow boundaries and helped me in discovering global connections.
The experience and time spent at GLBIMR was a wonderful mix of academia and acquiring self-knowledge that I otherwise would not have obtained.


Inside Sales Management Specialist, Accenture
PGDM Batch 2010 - 12

Throughout my academic journey at GL Bajaj, I consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication, with a knack for applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. My leadership qualities were evident through active participation in extracurricular activities, fostering a positive learning environment. In my role at Accenture, I have impressed with my ability to analyse complex situations, devise effective strategies, and deliver outstanding results.


Senior TA PMO Analyst, Novartis
PGDM Batch 2011 - 13

It was a great pleasure to be a part of GLBIMR family, my student years here were amazing. I see a complete change in me. We were constantly taken for Industry visits, had regular corporate guest lectures, active corporate mentoring, all of which helped us tremendously. I also got a lot of opportunities to take part in sports & cultural events which helped improve my team skills and boosted my confidence.


Senior Associate Lead Compensation and Benefits, Infosys
PGDM Batch 2012 - 14

GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research provided us a great platform for learning and enriching our knowledge. From GDs to Presentation, from surprise quizzes to aptitude test, live projects, co-curricular activities and conference made me confident enough to come out successful in the selection process. Career guidance by the faculty mentor was the stepping stone for scaling my career at Infosys.


Senior Manager, Yes Bank
PGDM Batch 2012 - 14

The PGDM Program at GLBIMR, Greater Noida has been a wonderful learning experience and lives up to its reputation of having great intellectual capital and competitive environment. Knowledge and Skill that I have garnered over the years at GLBIMR have helped me at ICICI Bank.


Retail Store Manager, Dyson
PGDM Batch 2012 - 14

From nurturing our inner talents to eradicating the fear to speak up, PGDM @ GLBIMR has polished my skills and added a shine to my personality. The trust that our institute has in its students to run so many events is a standout feature. Great infrastructure, a library with a wide array of books and wonderful staff members to guide, I’m grateful to have experienced one of the best PGDM programmes.


Project Consultant, Ernst & Young
PGDM Batch 2013 - 15

Throughout my 2 years of PGDM Program at GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, I had many opportunities to develop skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons to get succeed in my life. Keeping enhancement of skills and knowledge we are so lucky to experience top class amenities by college management. Big thanks to all my faculty members and friends for this amazing journey at Global Institute of Business Studies.


Assistant Manager, Tata Consultancy Services
PGDM Batch 2013 - 15

At GLBIMR, every class is interactive and faculty members make sure that there is friendly environment inside the class. We have always been given the opportunity to express our views on any topic. Several seminars and workshops by eminent people are conducted at the center to have better understanding of the subjects and improve our skills.


HR Generalist & Recruitment, Sydata Inc
PGDM Batch 2013 - 15

GLBIMR has given me a chance to have in-class learning with a touch of corporate environment. This platform has given me the power to overcome my fear of public speaking. I have become a part of Student Volunteer Team and have also attended various workshop and seminars and all this has indirectly or directly boosted my confidence towards achieving my goals. I feel proud in introducing myself as a GLBIMRian in my professional and family circles.


Relationship Manager, TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.
PGDM Batch 2015 - 17

In today's competitive world, academic qualifications are of utmost importance, but what institutions generally neglect is the all-round development of the candidate. This is where GLBIMR the flagship institution of GL Bajaj Group of Institutions steps in and creates a legacy of its own.


Sales and Marketing Specialist, Mahesh Brothers
PGDM Batch 2015 - 17

Studying at GLBIMR has been one of the best decisions I have made. It has been unforgettable. I am growing up as business professional. I enjoy the caring and friendly environment, great facilities, and the variety of services offered by GLBIMR.


Senior Executive, ABP News
PGDM Batch 2016 - 18

My experience at GLBIMR has been an enlightening one. The course is well structured and integrated. It applies managerial theory to the real-world scenario. The faculty are experienced in their domains and tailor the teaching in such a way that the students receive individual attention. Value Added Courses, Global Talk Series and Expert Talk Series are the USP of GLBIMR PGDM Program.


Operations Senior Associate, Bank of America
PGDM Batch 2016 - 18

Being a part of this prestigious institution GLBIMR is a whole new level of learning and experience through professional guidance of learned faculty members and a dedicated team of placement cell. I never knew that learning combined with team activities could make so much difference in one’s life and perception. The faculty is approachable at all times along with seniors to guide you through a challenging year ahead. Being at GLBIMR is like being at home with all the love and fun filled environment and at the same time dedicated to one’s development and self-improvement.


Assistant Manager, Emaar India Ltd.
PGDM Batch 2016 - 18

GLBIMR unwavering commitment to holistic development, a comprehensive curriculum and dedicated faculty have been instrumental in shaping my professional life. I cherish the experiences and values I gained at GLBIMR, which continue to guide me today. It's an honour to be part of the institution's alumni community and I'm confident that GLBIMR will continue to nurture future leaders and professionals.


Senior Executive, Tech Mahindra
PGDM Batch 2017 - 19

GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research has groomed me well for the business world. The curriculum is well planned and executed with the help of qualified lecturers which makes the learning process smoother and effective. The overall experience of two years in GLBIMR has transformed me into what I am today.


Customer Service Specialist, Panasonic India
PGDM Batch 2017 - 19

GLBIMR has motivating environment for better development of soft skills as well as academic excellence. The faculty members are very supportive and encouraging, they have always been on the edge to guide us.


Business Development Associate, Byju's
PGDM Batch 2017 - 19

I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to the entire GLBIMR team for helping me get my dream job and company. I learnt a lot through innovative activities, events and group assignments which were part of fun learning on campus. These activities have helped me develop my overall personality and capabilities in tune with the requirements of the corporate.


Location Manager, HDFC Bank
PGDM Batch 2018 - 20

GLBIMR as an institution, overall I would like to say that it gave me a platform to explore the dynamic world with ethics and principles. With little ups and downs I think we attained the goal of our PGDM.


Campus Recruiter, Stanza Living
PGDM Batch 2018 - 20

I would like to thank GLBIMR for the opportunity that has been given to me to expand my skills and knowledge. During my studies, I have gained textual knowledge as well as practical. GLBIMR gives complete assistance, co-operation, and support to the final year students for suitable placement in different renowned companies. They conduct training sessions for grooming the students to get placed apart from regular classes. It also focuses on personality development of a student.


Consultant, Flipkart
PGDM Batch 2018 - 20

GLBIMR is where students are motivated to acquire knowledge and engage the world around them.


Research Analyst, NielsenlQ
PGDM Batch 2018 - 20

GLBIMR provided me with a holistic learning environment that not only equipped me with the necessary knowledge but also fostered personal and professional growth. The faculty at GLBIMR were not just teachers but mentors who guided me through the intricacies of the business world. Their dedication to nurturing talent is commendable.


Category Buyer-E-commerce, LuLu Group International
PGDM Batch 2018 - 20

GLBIMR commitment to academic excellence, paired with a practical and industry-oriented curriculum, has been the cornerstone of my success. I am immensely grateful for the education, skills, and confidence I gained during my time at GLBIMR. The institution has not only shaped my career but also instilled in me the values and ethics that are essential for success in today's competitive world.


PMO Analyst, Bravura Solutions
PGDM Batch 2019 - 21

GLBIMR was a great training ground for the rough and tumble of the corporate world. My experience there taught me to appreciate diversity, be results focused and practical in approach, laying a good foundation for my career.


Assistant Manager, Axis Bank
PGDM Batch 2019 - 21

GLBIMR is a perfect blend of opportunities, challenges, and ambiance that has helped me build my knowledge and personality and has also made me a more confident person than I was.


Associate Talent Acquisition, Publicis Re: Sources
PGDM Batch 2020 - 22

Pursuing a PGDM at GLBIMR has been a transformative journey. GLBIMR is a wonderful place where I have been sculpted from a rough mass into a beautiful form. The academic structure and support have refined me, enabling me to tap into my full potential, work diligently, and achieve higher positions in life. The faculty at GLBIMR always fosters a friendly environment, supporting the students and helping them reach greater heights. From group discussions to presentations, surprise quizzes to aptitude tests, live projects, co-curricular activities, and conferences, all these experiences have made me confident enough to excel in the corporate world.
I am also deeply thankful to our Team Sahyog specially Mr. Rachit Srivastava and Mr. Devojeet Sir for their tireless efforts and the invaluable assistance you provided, which not only enhanced my chances but also boosted my confidence during interviews.


Senior Executive - HR, Bajaj Capital Ltd.
PGDM Batch 2021 - 23

My journey at GLBIMR has been transformative. From a timid fresher, I've evolved into a confident, well-rounded individual. GLBIME provided me with diverse experiences, inspiring professors, and supportive peers. I discovered my passion for corporate well-being and honed my leadership skills through student organizations. The 2 years moulded me into a critical thinker, a compassionate friend, and a future-ready professional. I'm grateful for the opportunities and growth that college has offered, preparing me for a promising future.


Credit Assessment Senior Officer, Anz Bank
PGDM Batch 2021 - 23

"Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful destinations".
Pursuing PGDM at GLBIMR, it's a journey that I'd cherish for a lifetime. The faculty has enriched the knowledge and provided innovative educational opportunities and personality development that led to overall development of my personality.
GDs, Presentation, surprise quizzes to aptitude tests, live projects-curricular activities and conferences have made me stand out and made me "Future Ready”.
My journey at GLBIMR was full of ebb and flow.
Career guidance by the faculty mentor was the stepping stone for scaling my career at ANZ Bank.